A passionate data scientist, machine learning professional, business analytics guy, visualization, big data, Data management, research professional with a passion for data and its application to problem solving.

For those, who are looking for uncovered pattern from the text data above, as attached below. Our real world data is much more complex than this (both in terms of volume & type), often embedded with noise & missing values. This has given rise to demand for a different combination of skill sets for analyzing and making sense of this data – involving Quant inclined(math) + Domain Knowledge(Business) + Programming(Technology) + Scientific Learning( Machine learning/statistics) + ……. + Economics + Psychology

  • A business analytics professional who likes to analyze data, uncover hidden patterns in data to enable data driven culture among organizations. I believe knowing the business/domain being the key here.
  • A data science professional who likes to mix statistical, text mining & machine learning techniques in solutions for business problems.
  • A programmer who likes to visualize data using charting tools & programming. SAS, R, Fusion Charts, Tableau.
  • Big data programmer, who likes to derive insights from GB & TB of data, using parallel programming framework like MR on Hadoop file system (HDFS). Pig, Hive, MR.
  • A data management professional who likes to deal with entire life cycle of data ( OLTP, Staging, ETL, Enterprise Datawarehouse, Data Marts, OLAP, Dashboards & Reports)
  • Above all a researcher in emerging areas of data (newer sources) and its applications to scientific & business problem solving.

My interests
Apart from anything-data, photography, free hand drawing, guitar, reading books & listening music, networking with people.

Suggested Reading     Outliers, Predictably Irrational, Numerati, Freakonomics, Super Crunchers, Zero to One, Innovator Dilema.

BE( Electrical & Electronics) VTU

MS, BITS Pilani
Indian Institute of Science ( IISc) – Data Mining & AI

Retail ( CRM , Customer Analytics )

Customer Targeting
Marketing Analytics ( A/B testing or DoE)
Pharma, CPG & FMCG
Loyalty Programs & Campaign Measurement
Mobile Advertising, Advertising Network
Publisher & Advertiser analytics, Demand side & supply side platforms.






Please visit http://bit.ly/prdeepakbabu for a visual CV.


  1. Heart said:

    Thanks Deepak, I just downloaded the Informatica questions and answers book from your other website, we share a common interest in Data and Analytics.
    Hope to read more,

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