Social Media Analytics

In the recent past, a variety of new social media sites have emerged – location Based Services( like foursquare, gowala), Group Deals( like groupon),  microblogging( like twitter, fb). These social media sites have provided integration features with other SM sites, for instance A foursquare checkin can be configured to automatically publish a tweet with the URL of location checked-in. All these data being primarily open source, we have various business opportunities to leverage the data by integrating this with the internal customer data.
A retailer’s major concern is the need to understand their customers better, to gain the 360 degree view of the customer. Most of the companies, have strategy to integrate the internal customer behavior data acorss POS, Ecomm, Mail order,etc. By leveraging the social media data and integrating with location based services(like foursquare) and microblogging services(twitter), the retailers now have the ability to track customers.
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